Abolish The Juvenile Detention Centres!


As signers of this declaration 14 non-governmental organizations which advocate human rights and children rights come together to start a new campaign to abolish all juvenile detention centres. Thus, by publishing this declaration we want to warn all people in Turkey and Turkish government about grave abuses in juvenile detention centres and situation of child justice system which are unacceptable.
On behalf of humanity we are watching and reading desperately news related to children who undergo torture, ill treatment and other types of humiliating acts in juvenile detention centres at Pozantı, Şakran, Kürkçüler, Antalya and lastly Sincan. We believe that abolishing juvenile detention centres is the only solution for eliminating all problems and abuses of human rights. Essentially; we demand a plan to put an end “Early Execution” of people under age 18 which causes detention of children.
According to UN Convention on the Rights of Child, Turkey has already signed it, other agreements in this context and 5395th Act of Protection of Children in constitution;
• To accept every human being below the age of 18 years as child should be exercised ex debito justice
• Without any discrimination every child has the inherent right to live, freedom of expression, freedom of seek, receive and impart information and participation regardless of frontiers. All appropriate legislative and administrative measures have to be taken into account dealing with protection of child as is necessary for her or his well-being.
• Every child should be treated given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of child in child justice system. In this system decisionsof detention which cause deprivation of liberty shall be used as a measure of last resort.
• Instead of isolation from society, -regardless of causes- it is legally binding that every children have to be treated in a restorative and educational manner which takes into account the need of social integration of his or her age in justice system.
• All closed places – primarily prisons – perpetrate violence. This kind of locations is contrary to philosophy and approach of child justice system
• It is so important that permanent and irremediable harm on collective memories of society as well as whole life of these children whose rights has been violated should be taken into consideration.
When we consider all principles above, deprivation of liberty is “last resort” under the light of international conventions. Exercising alternative methods and measures in order to integrate delinquent children is vital for both of children in juvenile detention centres and all society. Therefore,
On behalf of 14 non-governmental organizations, signers of this declaration, we are calling for all organizations, associations or individuals to join our course of action which will be created collectively. We want to put emphasis on that we are ready to pull our weight in every work in this context. However, to put an end actual violations of rights of the child; we demand urgently
• To establish a civil and independent board of supervision and research in accordance with European Committee Prevention Torture Inhuman Degrading Treatment Punishment (CPT) standards in order to identify how and in which conditions children are held in detention centres.
• To prevent and identify actual abuses of basic rights which should not be repeated.
• Mechanism of judgment should take action as soon as possible to adjudicate individuals who is responsible from these violations until now effectively
Due to all these reasons, we demand put an end to detention of children and abolish all Juvenile Detention Centres!
Initiative of Abolishing Juvenile Detention Centres(Signer non-governmental organizations on 21.01.2014 )
Association of Human Rights (İnsanHaklarıDerneği), Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TürkiyeİnsanHaklarıVakfı), Association of Modern Lawyers (ÇağdaşHukukçularDerneği), Association of GündemChildren (GündemÇocukDerneği), Federation of Associations of Solidarity and Cooperation With Families of Detained and Sentenced People (TutukluveHükümlülerAileleriyleYardımlaşmaveDayanışmaDernekleriFederasyonu / TUAD-FED), Association of Solidarity With Youth Whose Liberties are Deprived (ÖzgürlüğündenYoksunGençlerleDayanışmaDerneği/ ÖZGEDER),Association of Solidarity With Aggrieved People and Human Rights ( İnsanHaklarıveMazlumlarİçinDayanışmaDerneği / MAZLUMDER), Civil Society Association on Penal System (CezaİnfazSistemindeSivilToplumDerneği / CİSST), Association of Social Workers in Turkey (SosyalHizmetUzmanlarıDerneği / SHUD), Re-Autonomy Foundation of Turkey (TürkiyeÇocuklaraYenidenÖzgürlükVakfı), İshtar Women Centre (İştarKadınMerkezi)





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